Stock Market Technical Analysis 9-20-19


  1. With the Fed throwing over a trillion ( QE )at the market over the next few weeks a Bear has to ask himself how can this market fall before the end of the new QE?

  2. A headline is published and the algorithms are immediately triggered. Small traders have to keep their emotions checked, and trade for the longer term trend. Don't get greedy, and take profits while the gettin is good.

  3. There isn't going to be any trade deal. The Chinese want this maniac out of the oval office, and will wait another 1.5 years, to help it happen.

  4. Thanks Randy for the always excellent analysis. Haven't had a good correction in a few months, and it is certainly tis the season. I'm lookin forward to scoring on some bargains soon. As for the longer term, unless Captain Orange scores a trade deal, which I don't see the Chinese doing, this economy is teetering, and will eventually topple. Probably, sooner than later.

  5. You’re a great teacher, Randy. learning a ton since I joined! I’m surprised you don’t seem more excited about today’s action … ?

  6. We made 890% on ROKU puts today. Randy seems like a genius when we get down day like today. Its just rising wedge. That being said we can get further downside and we will play to the downside. But we dont wait for ages like Randy to play only bear side. Why trade only rising wedges. Trade both, rising and falling wedges. Have great weekend.

  7. Other stock sites i watch / am sub. to say somethin gI dont think Randy has for weeks if ever. That is we had a gap up and then have been range bound. That my friend they say is a Bull flag pole. I think if Randy was fair and balanced he would mention that every day untill the pattern / flag is broken. But he doesnt. Bear bias showing through and through. All eyes will be on Mondays action to see if the Qs hold the neew range / bull flag pattern.

  8. VIX closed over 15 looking positive if you went short today–maybe Trump can throw a curve ball at CHINA and tank the market–wishful thinking I know.

  9. I stayed out all week but at least called 'today' right and made some moneyΒ —— slow week but expect more action next week.

  10. I've been waiting 2 months for a day like this. And I didn't have enough short positions to my liking lol

  11. I could almost hear Randy's excitement in his voice with some of those moves to the lower levels, but he downplayed it (and for good reason, or course). Always appreciate the analysis.

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