Weekly Forex Forecast 23rd – 27th September 2019


  1. Welcome to this weeks Weekly Forex Forecast where we identify the overall trend direction of the markets, key turning points in the market as well as profit targets for the coming week.

    All analysis is done on multiple time frames and presented in the 4h time frame.

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    I wish you all a nice weekend and a profitable trading week next week.

  2. Интepеснo и познавательно,, нo самое глaвноe дocтупнo и пoнятно. Спаcибо автoру poликa!!

  3. didn't the usa send troops to saudi arabia ? hasn't the fed inserted hundreds of billions of dollars into the repro markets?

    you really think gold is going to drop 60 dollars?

  4. I'm looking to Sell the EUR/USD when the markets open on Sunday night…on Nadex at 1.1020 and 1.1040 with a 7 am Expiration for Monday. I'm expecting the price to move towards the 1.1000 level in the wake of PMI news and the ECB Pres. speaking in parliament on Mon. Agree with your outlook for it to move higher later in the week. Thanks as always for your weekly video!

  5. thanks for yr videos, real good insights in the currency , index, oil mkt. pls try to include indian stock index" nifty 50 " .

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