What To Do After You Blow Your Account | Forex Trading Strategy


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  2. Respected Madam , you always teach us by heart . and i am very thankful of your all lessons . Allah bless you .

  3. Thanks so much for this video. Its a reflection of what i have gone through! Many times i have suffered the same mistakes but do not know why i am repeating the same mistakes!!! The many times i have shifted my stop loss in opposite direction of the trade, i have ended up suffering a bigger loss!! Kindly share with me some tips on structure and price action trading. Best regards

  4. Thks Venus for the video, it was as if you made the purposely because of me. I lost my account two months ago and I'm beginning to see my faults. It was really nice hearing from a professional trader like you sharing your experience with us, the pain and the will to move on. Well done ma

  5. It's so comforting to hear a successful Trader who has experienced those things and come back on top! Experiencing the pain and discomfort of those situations has definitely helped me to calm down and enjoy the FOREX journey.

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