Is This The Best Forex Trading Strategy??


  1. Im a single father of two and was just laid off and been interested in learning to trade in the forex. Obviously i have plenty of time and can do day trading. Just need help on where to start for a beginner like myself. Any positive solutions i would appreciate the help.

  2. Brugh where the strategy I don't know if I overheard something but everything you said I already knew. I clicked on the video based of you video title.

  3. This is very important for find strategy for your self.I think right now the best strategy is price action with clasic technical analis.Becose i low trade news and makro data.Also i love momentum trade when i got clear sentyment on market and market go in one direction without pull back.

  4. What a waste of my precious time as always . More than 14 minutes of absolute nothing. How do you talk of a strategy without demonstrating it on the chart?

  5. Well don't blow all your money trying to trade with no experience because you don't know the regulations.don't count on a fluke,please be guided

  6. Everyone likes risk because of big returns. THERE IS NO LONGEVITY in trading high risk. Might as well say goodbye to that capital now before it hurts, and if you're flipping it successfully dont worry probability will catch up to you.

    Top Traders got decent guys who care about you becoming successful traders.

  7. Get a 200 dollar account and grow it. If people listen to you, the average person wont have the capital to trade. You can grow a small account with a little balls and knowledge.

  8. You guys are too low risk. Sometimes when I watch you guys it makes me depressed lol. I don't mind risk. And I want higher returns, I don't hace that 100 to 200 k account you guys like to have.

  9. Hey Kleveland, great vid! Only thing I gotta disagree with is strategies changing as capitol changes. Maybe people can double down on risk at first cause the loss isn’t that crazy but just until they feel comfortable with their properly risk-managed income. You might throw some people left field in the wrong direction with that one lol, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it 🙌🏽 Btw that link in the description sounded interesting but I couldn’t find it bro. Cheers

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  11. Do you think it's possible to be successful trading as a technical analysis trader only without any fundamental aspects in the trading strategy?

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