LIVE Forex Trading GBP/USD: Counter-Trend Trading the Reversal πŸ“‰πŸ“‰


  1. I'm really confused should I buy because there is a high chance of Britain staying in EU or should I sell the news cause the MPs might vote against the deal?

  2. TraderNick, the problem is with these brexit negotiations there are 3 possible outcome's 1. it gets rejected and no deal it will plummet 2. the deal is delayed 3. There is a deal and it will sky rocket. A very risky trade if you're holding this over the weekend, but i bet you know what you're doing

  3. First of all…….God bless you man ❀️😍you are such an amazing person and I have learned a lot from u and I keep learning more and more from u everyday ❀️secondly I am a 15 y/o guy which will start forex trading with real money (I have been trading with demo acc.) with technical analysis so I want some motivation and advice from u cause I am a little scared

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