1. learned so much and i quit last week my regular work and earning now 200usd – 400usd everyday..thank you so much for the basic teachings to us,,34PJpNvoo6xZ2TEPoiak2Fhcqu8KFNeExd

  2. Congrats for the Winner, Great videos sir Andrew, its late when i found your channel, I learned a lot and still learning through your daily live stream. what i have learn, no easy money for a newbie, you just need to learn, practice what i learn from you is the best learning process i had… thank you, still learning from your channel sir andrew… thanks for everything, 3GLrdSiKB5zrhkJZFrhRuVHKXe6NMUMgWn

  3. andrew youre going make alot of those gurus mad; i've learned so much from you.i still plan on joining your academy thank for all you do..

  4. Hi everyone as we know that Andrew's trying to let us understand something more and helping us improve our Trading skills and better financial Don't understand your thumbs down WHY…..
    Just let know he's the Number 1👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Hi Andrew, I have learn in this video how to set a good trade, I lock first on the fundamentals analysis then place supports and resistences on the 4 hourly chart then lock at the 1 hour chart and the 5 min chart for the good entry. Me wallet adres is: 3F1LDn24pGQvRXtCuv6ybUi2JWhAV95xWG

  6. I have learned a few useful stuff from your videos. Forex is new for me, but I am trading stocks also. I find out that some of your strategies are very good for stocks. For example, RSI strategy that I learned works good if you apply this strategy considering support and resistance levels. Also, I never considered fundamental news, but now I know that it is very helpful in day trading, thank you for introducing Forex pairs correlations that I learned from you help a lot too. Thank you very much for exciting content. 3CucCEz595ARzHoDSxtg8x8GYAQymVTUPE

  7. Hi Andrew from italy, first in firs (haha) i wanna thank you because with you i found again an stimulus to study trading, with your nice personality and your advice, i hope to learn other stuff with you, mayby one day i will start to gain some real money, guided by you, my doubts are about resistences and supports and the fundamentals analysis, thank you

  8. I can say i learn in this video that i need to start in telegram vip group and academy as soon as im reddy 1tTZxAiXYsQW7gSgnYAqLqCMnS88jsqAG

  9. Andrew, brother i received 0.0061 BTC from you in my wallet just now, thank you so much for it, usually i am not free at the live stream time but maybe today was my luck and i was here at the time, and i won, thanks again, this is a big thing for me, thanks brother, cheers

  10. Dear Andrew, you can not imagine how much I learn from your channel… the 3EMAs are killing ,,(21,13,9). your honest and expertise made me to join your academy. thank you

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