Market Analysis With Volume Profile – Weekly Trading Ideas 7.10.2019


  1. Hi Dale, thanks for sharing your set-up for possible trade opportunities this week. Bought your ebook and indulging in it right now. Definitely will keep watch on NZDUSD. Today 9/10/2019 price for NZDUSD is still ranging between the previous two weekly POC (0.6317 and 0.6294). The question is will price drop to 0.6268 level? Looks like a bullish pennant is developing for a bullish uptrend continuation once the price break out above last week POC at 0.6317

  2. Great strategy trader dale i just started to read your e book and its a great book i have some progression now in my trading thank you so much for the great work (will keep following you)

  3. Thanks as always Dale! Another great video helping give direction to new traders like myself. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for sharing these valuable trading strategies! Hope I can win the contest really want you pack!!

  5. Great catch on AUDJPY. I've been eyeing the same level (but with different analysis). Hopefully we'll hit it this week

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