Stock Market Technical Analysis 10-6-19


  1. I did rock climbing in highschool until I threw out my shoulder. I still climb every now and then but I'll never be what I used to be without surgery. Still a fun hobby though!

  2. yoga. hey do you think the uncanny surges from death over the last couple years is due to the "PPT" plunge protection team?

  3. Football in highschool. Maybe that's what's wrong with me, I suffered a few concussions back in the day!

  4. A bit of swimming before work and enjoy walking on a weekend. Watch your channel on a Sunday evening, from the United Kingdom : ) Appreciate your thoughts about the market.

  5. Recently the Dow has been nudging below its 200-day moving average and hurriedly recovering. The 50-day moving average remains above the 200-day, but the gap between them is narrowing. If and when the 50-day goes below the 200-day, it is commonly called the "death cross," and bears flock to the salmon stream. (When the 50-day goes over the 200-day, that's the "golden cross," and they start jumping up and down waving the pom-poms.)

  6. Market was saved by Trumps plunge protection team. The Fed keeps injecting hundreds of billions of digital dollars to save banks & stock market. Soon they won’t be able to do so, the dollar will collapse as we head into a historic DEPRESSION. Trade rid market safe.

  7. The market are being manipulated by the FED's. It will always recover until the FED's can't inject into the central banks anymore. Then it will drop like a rock. Its coming!! FED's will be printing money past Oct 10th now. Last I heard FED's will be printing money until Nov 8th. The value of the dollar will plunge once the FED's cease their market saving tactics. Depression 2.0 around the corner.

  8. Amateur boxing, BJJ, MMA. Judo, Gymnastics. About to relocate back to Indiana soon (South Bend). I heard you say you live in Indy. I went to Bloomington and have many friends in Indy so I know the city well. I used to live in Terre Haute so I spent a lot of time in Indy.

  9. You might be a good person, bu you suck trying to predict the market. I don,t know why it always happens just the opposite what you say all the time? but I like to watch your wrong predictions, no matter what

  10. Admittedly I’m still in the market over the weekend but seemed very suspect. Volume was a bit low on the rallies thurs/Friday.

    We also broke 50SMA and we almost immediately retook it. SnP almost always stays under the 50 for a while.

    Obviously this has been massively news driven but the news always seem to play out within the charts.

    It was just a huge rally on mildly bad news. Next week is gonna be volatile

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