Trade Example: How to trade ISM Manufacturing PMI data


  1. I would like to take this chance to realy thank you guys about awesome job you are doing. you taught me so much about how to approach fundamental trades.

  2. Forex source is critical timely info in one place. Invaluable to me and yes I caught this move with it.

  3. I caught the move down. I placed USDJPY short few hours before announcement (trading into risk event). Book 180Pips on thursday when the pair further sinks during the ISM Non-Mfg PMI
    I have still an open position on USDJPY that I'm maintaining and would love to see more safe haven inflows to come this week.

  4. But the question is why did you choose usdjpy why not others can you please make a video.

    which pair we should select against other to get benefit from news.

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