Why I Dont Trade Support and Resistance as a Forex Trader


  1. Hey Guys πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Back with another video! In this video we dive a few different topics within a Q&A, starting off with a question regarding β€˜Support and Resistance’.

    I hope you enjoy the video! Have a great week everyone πŸ‘πŸΌ

  2. In currency market breakouts are rare and price move in perticuler level's.
    But in stocks price move better after breakout. What is ur view on this?

  3. brother,i was about to ask you this things.i have sufferd a lot in this strategy 'somtimes i get confused seeing it will go up or down..and take the wrong trade…what do i not understand…there is a lot of confusion at the entry point…there will be a brekout or pullback on the horizontal line. there are many confusion

  4. Hi~I’ve watched your video for few days. Can you suggest good tools for bigginers?? Thank you~

  5. Sir, can you please tell me which time frame should i start learning Forex i mean day or 4H chart something like that.

  6. The way you draw trendlines on the very outside of wicks is the way that herd mentality retail traders do. How can you think you are educating people looking at things like amateurs do. Go read about INNER TRENDLINES in the Paracurve blog so you can see how a real pro finds the teal trendlines that catch moves before everyone else.

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  8. Hi. i really like your video
    but as a can u plaese…
    talk slower or add a subtitle
    it will help by alot

  9. Support and Resistance is helpful if you are using a top down analysis to determine key levels on the market that will show multiple rejections as a price action guide in the market

  10. bro there is a reason why your not making progress trading your system is completely flawed. you could never trade high volume with this subjective way of trading regardless profitable or not and im sure u wont be with this . stop being so close minded there is no logic in the way u trade, majority of professional traders trade horizontial supp/resistance. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND MULTI time FRAME MARKET STRUCTURE, LEVELS, VOLUME, WHERE TO EXECUTE, HOW TO ENTER/EXIT, TRADE MANAGMENT, THERE ARE NO SECRETS IN FOREX THERE JUST IS VERY FEW WHO TRULY HAVE THE COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF THE CHARTS PEACE.

  11. Well i trade support and resistances but i have some rules that define for me if that ropture is a good one or a fake one, but thanks for showing us your prespetive! Nice vΓ­deo πŸ™‚

  12. good evening bro please do what you do you analyze the platform trading view pro pay or the free and thank you in advance

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