A TyPiCaL Morning Routine of a Forex Trader


  1. Hey Guys!

    Hope everyone’s doing well! Thanks for tuning into the video!

    One thing I want to highlight here with my routine is the importance of flexibility as a trader.

    During Corrective Periods within the market, naturally that’s when I’ll step things up and aim to be as productive as humanly possible utilising Deep Work Sessions, Work Blocks with Mini breaks in between to stay refreshed and focused.

    During Impulsive Periods within the market (last week being a prime example), I still have my foundational morning routine in place… but I’m a lot more flexible.

    Hope you guys enjoy! Peace ✌️

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  3. Great Video mate! Soo good to see your routine and processes you have in place on your journey to help you become a consistent trader. Keep it up!


  5. You do amazing and living your best life plus you are an expert in Forex but brother why you don't teach your brothers and sister, for example, I watch your videos from Africa and for sure there are thousands of people watching from around the world. leave behind you legacy brother. We love you

  6. I find the way you explain things are very cringy. I can see that you're trying your best to improve yourself and I admire that but some things you say make me feel like I'm a dumbass. Like the glass of water part where you said something like 'Drink some water to keep your mind fresh and body hydrated'. Well I mean…… No shit! Of course you will be more hydrated. Only advice I give to people is drink water only when your thirsty. Pretty simple right? Its common sense, you don't need to inform people that they need to drink water when they wake up.

  7. Do u even trade with the banks doe🤔i see trendlines lol

    Follow me on IG to learn how to trafe with the banks @sevtrades

    But dope content bro keep it up!

  8. Hey I am trying to make a trading plan book like yours, how did you get that template and edit the book to look like that?

  9. Hey Michael! I have a question for you. If you can, please answer it. Thank you in advance! So my question is: Do you keep trades open overnight and if yes, how do you pick such trades?

    I personally have been taught how to trade daily chart, so I assume that you take bigger trades on the bigger timeframe, thus you keep these trades open for a longer period to reach your TP.
    Also, would you keep a lower timeframe trade open for longer than 24 hours?

  10. Very good value again! You’ll recognize alot of evolution in the future when you rewatch your vids!

  11. Great video! but maybe you can talk more slowly, I'm Spanish and I try to catch all your words and sometimes It is impossible for me! haha, Thanks!

  12. The pure joy and happiness when you have opened your package was amazing. Shows how much are you into this 🙂

  13. The iphone alarm worst thing in the morning😂 btw nice video mate. What do you think of harmonic patterns?

  14. hello, I hope all is well I have a little question to you it is that that one finishes you are trade or your analysis you put out your mac definitively or you put it in mode put in standby
    or what and thank you…

  15. Hi there, do you mind to share what broker do you use as you are more experience than me. I am based in the UK too. Thank you

  16. also can you just help out in trying to create a trading plan, not the strategy per say but just like how you go about making one, much-appreciated thanks

  17. Ты слишком узко держишь руки в смите, у тебя трицепс сильно включается😅

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