1. Leo! Man this Market is crazy. Love your vids as always. Unfortunately they are holding this market at its current level and every dip today has been bought. Got my puts yesterday thankfully on the SPY. Im going to hold over the weekend. I own the 305 Puts at 11/15 for .51 ave cost. Am I dumb for grabbing these? Also have UVXY calls for 11/15 19. Would love your feedback. Lets GO!

  2. "Trade to live my dream ..(till date most 've been fulfilled) .Infact i trade to challenge myself and always will .. Much thanks for granting No Fees Eductions , i know how hard you've been keeping up w. failed forcastings and got blamed …but these are compound of bewitched Wall Street . Evaluating the history well is key … 👍

  3. Brother, you come out Every Day with insights and plays for people to use and learn. I thought about how freaking hard it must be to keep up that energy and drive, no matter what happened yesterday 1000% gain or not, you have to bring it day after day. Haters knocking you down at any little slip up. And now, here we are, many of us recognizing the wisdom that's been passed down. Take a moment for yourself, and Congratulate Leonardo for all the hard work and teaching that you've given to this little community that you created. I speak for a lot of us when I say thank you for all you've done. Now LETS ROLLLLLLLL!!

  4. THe ending was beautiful man, Leo Spielberg,Leo Scorsesee,a Leo Lee film. Live to trade,trade to live. AMD will always be my favorite child.

  5. Hey Leonardo, You should do a live trading video feed tomorrow on YouTube so we can all increase our account and make enough money to buy your package subscription

  6. Great, now we are back to put buying mode, complete with head n shoulders, black candles, death hooks, death crosses and of course, the divergencies…let the fun re-begin.

  7. I was telling a co-worker that the absolute top in the stock market should happen in the next 6 months. Yield curve un-inverted a few days ago.
    This could become a serious correction.

  8. You're the best Leonardo! These videos are so entertaining. Hope you're killing it on your trades and making bank

  9. Wow, hit ur google play bud. Thanks for that, everyone freaking out it went down after earnings, but u called it. Thanks

  10. Omg! 😂. Buy put so that your ass will get burned over n over again.dont second guess the market like this due 😂. Even though I think you should buy monthly put with risk management.

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