Forex Swing Trading Strategies That Work


  1. Vid Starts 3:10….Shorted the Dow right on the top of it's head at 28200 with a tight stop at 28225, thought with the trade problems it was getting way ahead, stopped out at 27860 for a nice little earner, once the run started I took the Euro and did well there too and pulled out at 1.1070 it was cooked…I took Gold with you at at around 1454, last week but bailed at 1463 when it had no legs when the Dow motored down, sit out now until the next …Aus has just got the news, but looking a bit tired after the run with the NZ..So sitting out now everything is in a bit of limbo…Anyway, your vids are great too much was going on to watch your live feed, lol…I'm in Aus..

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