Thor: How to Trade Rising Devil Day Trading Strategy; Dec 02 2019


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  2. Great trade Thor!!! When you first shorted it (minute 2.50 in the video), did you put a stop loss in place right away and if so where?

  3. Great trade and recap Thor. Have just come across your recaps and they are always really helpful. 1 question: on this particular trade with 500 shares entry whereabouts would you have set your stop loss? I.e. How much room would you give the trade to work in this particular example? Thanks again for the great recaps.

  4. Thanks Thor great and educational recap as usual. I really appreciate all of your efforts to put forth your trades for review. They are extremely educational.

  5. Hey Thor, nice video, congrats.
    Could you show/explain to us how you take the rising Devil for those SSR.S stocks?
    I think almost everyone is sending limit orders, but I think you are using those buttons (order buttons) in your L2. I'm struggling to get the limit order on time. 🤦🏽‍♂️
    Thank you again for your videos.

  6. Thanks thor. I too had a hot button error this morning trading roku. Totally freaked out, couldn't get out of the trade. Didn't even know whether I was short or long. Wound up making 700 on it though. Contacted das and learned about the panic button

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