Weekly Forex Analysis 2nd – 6th December


  1. Hello and thank you for the analysis. I am a little confused though about what you said for the GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/JPY due to what you had said in a previous video about FinViz site. Could you please clarify? thanks

  2. I’m very skeptical of usdcad, technical analysis implies it’s going down but usually the opposite will happen . Every trader is going to see the pin bar and the resistance level. We ll see what happens this week.

  3. i really appreacite ur work ! ur trades are amazing

    i think that gbpusd going up on daily because
    1. Broke out of trendline, if it broke out the following rules are " Breakout impulse down and then its going up again "
    2. the market scratched many times the resistance line

  4. Is the gold market closing early now? On MT4 6pm it said trade is disabled when trying to do anything with the XAUUSD?

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