5500 pips. 1 week. See how the Make Money EA easily achieves these great results & how you can too.


  1. Does this ea set hard take profits and stop losses on the brokers server or is it managed on the user's server by the ea? If it sets hard take profits, it will work fine on a US broker; if not, it won't.

  2. Hmmm.. i am very very tempted to give this a 0.01 account and let it build on itself. I am assuming i can set lot size or use a %… the kicker is…can i set top ups too…in other words…if the EA sees it has a winning position and wants to top up…..can i adjust when it decides that and how much it tops up.?

  3. hello alex, how are you doing? Would the Make Money EA be a good EA for my $200 trading account, & would it be a good EA, like the Grid, and Dream Machine EA. Alex, I just want to get my account up enough, to get out of the truck, and trade full time.

  4. Hi Alex. Another interesting video, thank you. Eventually I'd like to see a single pane of glass dashboard (probably a html webpage) that shows me at a glance which ea and setting I should enable in my VPS and which ones I should disable. I could then, jn theory, look at thjs top level dashboard say every morning and enable/disable my ea farm. This would take your offering to a whole new level.

  5. Oh boy when the trend goes against you, with this many trades open, your account will die faster then you can blink.

  6. Thanks for the Video, yesterday i bought the Make Money EA. Which Settings are the best for this EA? Are the Default settings the best?

  7. hi

    Can i know why are u using all robots in demo account?
    It will not b convincing when demo & live environment conditions

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