BITCOIN BIG MOVE!! After Consolidation!! | ETF NEWS: DELAYED!! | Q&A


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    1:12 Bitcoin Analysis
    5:00 Argentina
    7:37 BTC Halving
    9:09 ETF News
    9:49 Futures Gap
    10:42 Q&A

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  2. hey man good video well done!! do u think BNB is in ta parabolic run at the moment? cheers

  3. BTC, ETH, XMR, NEO, and BAT. Got it. I'm partial to BCH, DGB, EOS, and LTC myself. Still hoping for one last dip this summer!

  4. 22:20 how can you earn that much money just with yt and trading to invest in that many Bitcoin? Or am I missunderstanding anything?

  5. Thanks for helping guiding me through the BEAR MARKET.. I put way to much money in near the top … You kept me calm in my trades and my long term HODL mindset… YOU ARE GOOD PEOPLE!! THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK

  6. Ow this content is again awesome good. The reasoning is very good. Ofcourse no one knows for 100% sure the future.

  7. 22:40. Same here. I was lucky to buy most coins practically at the bottom (most likely 95%). Let it growπŸ¦„πŸŒ±πŸ€πŸ€πŸŒ±πŸŒ». But still willing to buy at 5k or lower just in case. Ow I am €€ not $$.

  8. My Dad sent me a link to coin market cap and said I should invest in Bitcoin and cryptos! When I saw the charts And found out I could buy it with cash at a BTC atm a mile from my house, I was in.

  9. Thanks for your great work and research! I watch you everyday, clearly you have the talent and passion that it takes, you know your stuff.

  10. If you started buying $25 worth of bitcoin every week at the top of the market, December 15th 2017, you would be in profit as of this week. Sats stacked: 31,050,000 Cost: $1850 Current value: $1980

  11. You are my mentor Carl! If wasn’t for you I don’t know where will be my life, BTC it’s been a safe heaven! By the way I used your link for Ledger Nano X hope I’ll get soon!

  12. You look good in the picture on the left in yesterday’s video.
    Anyway love your videos , genuine real person , it’s a pleasure.
    Always look forward to your videos.
    Thank you

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  14. oh man, you are so smart. i don't understand anything you say πŸ˜€ somebody on youtube recommended your videos, but i have no idea what you are saying really πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Carl,
    Do you think crypto can end our dependence on the Globalist banking cartel?

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