Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis – Will we ever see sub $6300 again???


  1. Thanks for update and all the best with your new group. I am not a trader else I'd consider it. I just hold the XBT Provider ETFs in BTC and ETH (XBT Provider on Stockholm stock market) in my pension fund and buy and sell at the wave 5 tops as close as I can get. What is your sense of how high Eth can go on the large degree wave 5 this time round? Cheers man.

  2. In the cryptology course will you share when to buy and when to sell for the top 15 coins you are analyzing?

  3. good video but most exchanges didnt break all the way to the 0.382 or 6400 area, most TA im seeing of this is only bitmex and bitstamp. therefore it is very viable we restest the 6000 range or below

  4. I am a little disappointed about your TA approach this time. When did you change your mind about what is being the first and second wave? You negated the second wave as a bullish wave due to its corrective nature (in your last video) but now you are not mentioning it at all. You also assume that the move of Bitstamp is the correct one although most other exchanges didn't move to 6.2K and hence the entire narrative you are building is based on that. Some are at 6.6 but most are at 6.9 to 7 K with the recent dump.

  5. So you don't know which way it will go then? Either up/down or consolidate!! You were calling for a drop the other week and did not see this parabolic rise coming. The truth is, like the rest of us, you don't know

  6. Your famous friend ff was dead wrong … You should not sell stuff here, this is very scammy ! FF selling his videos is a pure scam. He knows nothing about btc tech !

  7. Thanks for the update waves! Food for thought. I have my pitchfork (original) on the higher degree wave 1 and 2 and it looks pretty good (the inter-median lines of 0.5 and 1.5 bounce nicely). Also, I’m not 100% convinced wave 3 is complete. I think this pull back could be the lower degree wave 4 where a wave 5 take us to close to 10k to complete the higher degree wave 3. Just something to consider…

  8. Hmmm. Could go up, maybe down? And possible even sideways..? Lol. Come on Waves !! Hahahaha. U said $9400 before a pullback 2-4 videos back 😫😫😫.

  9. Thanks Waves! In the end you said that you are expecting bigger gains in alts, is it vs USD or BTC? Cheers

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