ByBit Better Than BitMEX?! – Bybit Beginner Tutorial & Guide


  1. Bybit is a Chinese company based in China! Think carefully before depositing anything with them! Regulations may change at any moment and you may lose everything! They are marketing themselves as being based in Singapore when none of their investors are Singaporeans! They are chinese owned and operated! Deposit at your own risk!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! The overlays are kind of problematic for tutorials, maybe considering rearranging them and/or removing some and/or scaling down the screen recording so less of it is covered.

  3. Holy fuck man don't be sorry ever. I have a shitonne of respect for you and have been watching your videos and live streams for about six months now. I've also been making profits by absorbing your vast knowledge. Thank you for being you.

  4. Could not watch more than a few minutes – I may come back when the annoying microphone issues are sorted out..!

  5. Signed up with your referral link. I'll give it a try with a small deposit in the coming days.

  6. What is the recommended way to put in a stop limit order trigger (for a stop loss) … last price, index price or mark price?
    I'm currently trying to figure this out for trading perps on the Deribit exchange. I haven't taken a look or even signed up for bybit yet

  7. Auto Replenish Margin is meant to act as cross?

    Also these are 1:1 swap Iā€™m guessing

  8. Do you have a different referral code? When I use your link it says the referral code is invalid. I want to hook you up if possible.

  9. Do you use market or limit orders for scalps? Does bybit take less fees from you? I was in a scalp on bitmex and they took 60% of my trade when i clicked market. Yikes.

  10. is there a way for me to add your referral to my existing ByBit account? i would like the commissions to go to you as i really appreciate what you do for us and i find your help invaluable

  11. I like the idea of being able to use Tradingview to trade. If it's anything like how simple the paper trading is, count me in. Also curious to see how good ole CZ's SAFU margin trading is going to be like. I'd imagine it similar to this. ByBit basically reminds me of BITMEX crossed with Binance. A shame it's just another illegal platform in the US…

  12. Does bybit have a native coin? Similar to bnb? I havnt set up a VPN to access the exchange .

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