How to Use Interactive Brokers Platform to Place a Trade


  1. Hey guys! have you had any issues with SLOW EXECUTIONS in IB? I'm looking at switching from SureTrader to IB with DAS trader , but I've seen quite a few people online complaining about slow executions. I'm not a scalper, but do trade momentum so i looking for fast executions. Thanks!

  2. how do you cancel a trade when live trading, the cancel button is not there it just says transmit

  3. talks too much, & says nothing, "it's so simple it's so simple its so simple". The cursor is flitting around like a bug at a light. if I already knew all this stuff I wouldn't be watching a video. I'd be trading! if this is how you make your tutorial series, No thanks. very annoying

  4. It's funny how people that are showing trading platforms act funny, as if that is a kind of a childish game. Well it's serious business, and losses will be also serious if you continue to maintain such a light approach.

  5. hi, My platform has a yellow dot beside the bid and ask price at my order entry. does this mean its the delayed quote?

  6. Good day, Can anyone advise how to change purchase of stocks in EUR ? for instance, I wanna to buy Apple but in EUR, how to do it ?

  7. HEY guys !! Im with interactive brokers but I don't now how to set it up Swing trade at the and of day to hold overnight ? BTW I like Your videos a lot keep good work!!!!!

  8. pretty solid vide. great content. Thanks for sharing. I'm a fellow IB trader as well.

  9. hello sir, nice video, just wanna ask, how to change the bar color to solid green and solid red? mine is, the candle is greenred and the wicks are white, how can i make it to solid green and red? Thank you.

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