Volume Profile Part I – Intraday scalping trading using – Updated 100 % proven strategy explained


  1. In either case, the intraday trendline signals would have been a great place to take profits on a bullish trade that you might have been in.

  2. Hi, I like to use Volume Profile in future Segment. But in trading view, only on Equity not future segment how do we trade on it

  3. I just watched this video and it is great, you explained it nicely. Thank you so much!

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  5. Very clear explanation. Do you use any screeners to get a list of stocks to trade the following day?
    In the HCLTech example, there is an opportunity to short at 1005. But how do we know when to square off. This strategy gives us an indication to enter the trade but not to exit.

  6. Very nice video. Thank you..I would like to know the significance of POC if there is gap up/ down the next day. Thanks

  7. Hi >>How would you know that Buyers are in POC and Sellers are in POC ?? Please Clarify me

  8. Volume profile is available at every trading platform infact zerodha borrows trading view platform and also fyers use trading view shit… Don't be an over confident fool

  9. hi.
    i have designed an indicator in tradingview.com which shows the reversal zones. RVZ reversal zones. guys you can make use of it as an extra tool. cheers

  10. Hey man … this doesnt make sense. At 10:27 you say that institutional buyers buy below POC and sell above POC and we should follow them… But then later in the examples you're saying to do the opposite! That is, go long above POC and short below POC. Please explain?

  11. Which broker provide market profile in india…is it available in market view….

  12. Sir plz suggest how to add volume profile in trading view, tried but failed

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