Weekly Forex Forecast 27th to 31st May 2019


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your analysis,coud you tell me how do you set the parameters (the value )for RSI ?
    Thank you !

  2. Sir it will be very kind of you if you upload weekly fundamental analysis of coming week as well thank you

  3. Thank you very much, your style of analysis is so good mostly accurate. please can you do video on short term entry using candle pattern/divergence and RSI? thank you

  4. Iam stuck with gbp/nzd with 1.94826…I took a buy position and Iam in loss will it go up to that level

  5. very nice analysis Aftab bhai. because dollar was weak thats why gold price went higher. dollar has a inverse corelation with gold

  6. Aftab thank you sir my english is not very well but i understand your analysis very well

  7. Thank you Sir. Hope you will talk about indices in tomorrow's video cos I'm interested to try it.
    My pairs should you have time to analyse them are Copper, Silver, UsdZar, UsdMxn and EurNzd.
    My current course finishes next month so I'll definitely be joining your Skype group then cos ur strategy is more accurate to me. Thanks again

  8. Thank you very much for the video of very good quality. My English is not good, I speak French in Switzerland.
    But I learned more in 3 weeks than since my last 10 years of loss on the forex.

    Thank you very much and continue like this

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