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  1. Thumbs down are disappointing. I imagine they are youtubers that want to become professional forex traders, but they have Three barriers. 1) Thumbs down have already 'learned' how to trade and are unsuccessful and so bitter when Wayne explains what they are doing wrong. 2) Thumbs down have lost money and their Ego/Psychology tells them Forex is a scam and so they go video to video looking foe confirmation bias, thumbing down all who have different opinions . 3)Thumbs down don't realize how difficult forex really is psychologically, as it seems so easy, yet just out of their grasp, Neither do they understand how much work is actually involved to become successful. Hint: Forget what you 'know' and Start over here. Check your Ego at the door, be open minded. Be prepared to spend years, LEARNING everything fundamental/technical. Good luck.

  2. Awesome as always! Thank you Wayne! Thank you TradersWay. Excellent strategies as usual…

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