22 – 26 July 2019 Weekly Forex Forecast


  1. Awesome Analysis! Love your videos! I am wondering, the JPY Index in your video doesn't match my JPY Index. All other indexes match mine. Is it possible that you are showing the wrong chart or is it me? Ha! Thx!

  2. You are the best bro simple analysis what about Gbp / Chf is it long thank you very much

  3. Assalamu Alaikum can you send me the macd indicator which you are using or reply me with the website url where can I download it thanks in advance

  4. Wish you would do open a service on telegran providing signals with monthly and lifetine package

    Would help lots of people

    You are a genius following and sibscribing you from day one ❤

  5. No one can ever explain it so precise and clear voice. Thank you very much for the eye opening video

  6. Thanks for the video really learning,I want to ask,so if the usd Index is getting weak,and the eur Index getting weak,pls what will happen to the eurusd,in a case like this,Pls am a newbie in forex,thanks so I can use this to know how to analyze other indexes,so my question is if two indexs are weak or two index are strong wat will happen to the their currencies. Thanks

  7. hey bro nice analysis…what is the RED ,Blue indicators u r using with this charts i like it

  8. Hi thanks for the video. How do u get the index charts? Is this the Lite Forex mt4? Thanks

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