Advanced Forex Strategy – NNFX Traders Only


  1. I have been facing losses due to not having this tactic before thnx vp again u r the best of the best out there

  2. Any tactic to minimize our downside is totally welcome.indeed we win by not losing.Many thanks VP

  3. As always, thank you VP! I have a question to the homies. I don't know if this has happened to you but for a long trade when the candle crosses and closes above the baseline and it is below the ATR value you take the trade, but what happens in the inverse of this scenario? Where the confirmation indicator hasn't caught up just yet and we are waiting for it to catch up. But there are now maybe 2 or 3 candles that have opened and closed above the baseline but all their values are below the ATR. In some weird scenarios, all candles cumulatively below the ATR. The math says take the trade, but how many candles has the bridge gone too far in terms of the baseline? My tests all show to take the trade but visually it looks like it has gone too far. I would be interested to find out what you guys think. I hope I am making sense.

  4. Thanks very much VP. i love all your videos and i've learn many things i have not heard of. Cheers to u man !!! however at 7:57, although its a long sginal i think its not a good one not because of the 7 candles thingy, but because the Baseline is pointing downwards. the Baseline's trend is generally a down/short signal.

  5. What!? VP if this vid had had been available on monday i wouldn't have taken the nzdcad on tuesday….😭 it just hit my sl today… great this means i won't fall for this trap anymore. Thanks man.

    Edit: it works alright!

  6. I have similar rules I've come up with while testing my algorithm. Like if my first confirmation indicator says go, but the second confirmation doesn't catch up within 3 bars, it's a no go even if second conf catches up on day 4. Probably 80% of the time that happens, it would have been a losing trade. The coolest part is if a trend does actually go, confirmation 1 will give another signal and get me in. I saw a bunch of times during back testing that this rule kept me out of a retracement, then got me in at a similar or better price when the trend decided to go.

    Great video, thanks!

  7. By any chance, is the name A Bridge Too Far from the game Close Combat?
    The few strategy guide games I enjoyed palying in the nintes.

  8. I’m brand new to trading and just binged 4 hrs of your vids, haven’t even set up a dummy account yet, I’ve gotta be the luckiest guy on the planet to have found this gold this early. 👍

  9. Hey VP….& another one for the kitty….thank you sensei💥Gonna backtest & run it forward.

  10. I'm testing indis but I'll be trying to get my C1 a 2 line cross now lol. Thanks VP for telling us 7 is the magic number 😀

  11. Wouldn’t taking that trade violate the one day rule anyway? The one day rule being that all indicators need to agree by the close of the next candle the day after main confirmation indicator gives a signal?

    Edit: From the baseline videos, the baseline is part of the algorithm. So the baseline cross is included in the “one candle rule”. So I am looking for a buy when price crosses the baseline, and all other indicators agree within one candle. So if my entrance indicator crossed seven days ago, and has not crossed down and back up again in that period giving another signal, I would never be looking to take that trade anyway, since the baseline isnt agreeing until seven days later, rather than one day, right? Why am I confused here? I must be missing something. I thought if any part of the algo (including baseline) don’t agree within a day, we move on

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