BINARY OPTIONS STRATEGY – Easy Binary Options Strategy 2019


  1. Honestly your videos are always informative with good contents always, keep up the good work brother. Meanwhile The trading market is constantly evolving with new features, many trading opportunities and financial swings with sudden surprises around every corner.

  2. I dnt think this lady has any idea wat shes doing. Firstly she dsnt adjust her time interval wich is very critical. She dsnt analyse price action. She only puts her faith based on a lagging indicator. Shes got money to waste. I take about ten trades a day n still feel awful wen i lose three trades maximum.

  3. I’m very confident trading with either Samuel Childs tradings because of steady income he makes for me. He has never faltered. I never thought I would grow such profit over a moderate period.

  4. Success in trade is achieved by making strategic gains and increasing risk when probability is in your favour. Samuel Childs has amazingly achieved much success for me with his trading expertise, I’m forever grateful.

  5. I will like to know if the price of a binary is always between $0 and $100, just like in other markets?

  6. Binary trading needs special attention, dedication, time, hard work and above all risk management skills in making trade decision. You need a proven binary trader to guide your trading decision, one you can learn from, one you can get trading signal from, good stochastic to make a good call when trading.

  7. Would you still recommending using this indicator or should you have considered combine it with another one?

  8. Please tell me best method to add money in iq options….. because Skrill has complications.

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