1. 4:30 What is MACD?
    6:45 New Chart 13 Range
    7:15 EGI Indicators
    12:40 MAC-V training starts
    13:00 Multiple indicators to use
    14:15 Must have golden ropes (EMA)
    15:40 Red & Green Lines
    16:20 Auditory alert (Look for a long/short)
    17:50 Wait for "Wait for it" indicator to go green/red after green/red line
    18:50 Wait 8 (Wait for 8 bars after green/red line)
    27:40 8 bars of max target
    54:30 What to do when you are at entry level after 8 bars
    1:03:20 Mac-V Summary
    1:15:50 Channel vs. Wedge Trading
    1:19:40 Wedge = Sharp
    1:21:00 Channel = Mesh
    1:31:30 How to draw Channel lines

  2. Wait for 8 is great, will be training on this during my 40 days of sim trading to master it, great strategy!

  3. Wow, okay, this one was phenomenal, and I think the video that sold me. Excellent trading, and awesome that you can automate things the way you do

  4. on the 2 trades from around 48:00 in the video looks to me you assumed the entry was at the bottom of the bar but looks like the bars where an up bar . so profit even larger then you discussed . . just saying!! ūüôā

  5. Is this an emini trading strategy or a futures trading strategy? I'm not sure I understand teh difference?

  6. This Emini Trading Strategy seems a bit too easy isn't it? Am I missing something else? Is there more to it?

  7. can i use this on a 5 minute chart? and where can i download this indicator that draws the red and or green lines?

  8. Vinny, watched this twice..  very nice video.   Say, what range chart do you like to use with this strategy and ES mini??   thx!

  9. Vinny,  the amount of information you provide (actual useful information) is amazing!  I'm moving from stock investing to emini and this has been a great jump start! Thanks  I think I will check out your trading room on my day offs in the near future..   QUESTION:  I have programmed a robot in MATLAB that interfaces with Interactive brokers.   I am still looking for better strategy ideas for robots.   Do you have any videos that talk about strategy ideas focused for the robots?  Is your $197 deal focused on discretionary or robots?  Your the man!

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