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  1. Thanks Mr Crete' inspiration video as usually' wish you all the luck in whatever you wishes to do' much love from SA

  2. Is there anyone who really success from forex trading?
    Who is the richest forex trader?

  3. Hey Ettiene been trading for a while. Aside from the mentor is it more beneficial to partner with a friend in trading or just go alone?

  4. Just for sharing purpose : Lately, after i started trading only on daily charts & recorded all my trades on a journal, i gradually became more patient and avoided overtrading as my focus was on high probability setups.

    Over the course of 1 mth, I opened only 13 positions. Mostly set & forget. It was interesting that after looking thru my journal, I realised I made almost twice as much if I stuck with 1:1 risk:reward.

    Compared to 6 mths ago, my trades were all over the place. I was literally chasing profits but not focused on trading properly. Keeping a journal certainly helps.

  5. Thanks E I think if you ask your self after you enter and after you exit "why did I take that trade you learn so much.

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