How do bankers trade forex? Part 3: The Fundamentals


  1. Thank you for doing those videos. I have been doing all those things and succeeded a lot in trading thanks to you since I started in early 2018.

  2. Excellent video, however retail sales, unemployment figures are just lagging indicators provided you're only looking into a medium/longer term outlook. ISM, NMI, PCE, CPI, PPI, IR, Real GDP, current account, fiscal/monetary policy, all the important business surveys, tagged with the S&P 500 which is in itself a leading indicator are leading indicators and this is just the tip of the iceberg, by the time the unemployment numbers come out at least from what I know of, its yesterday's news for the smart money crowd but for day traders it is a leading indicator–thank you for sharing.

  3. Brad this is one of the best trading videos I have ever watched. Took all my notes and got a real understanding to improve my trading on a pro level.

  4. Hello Brad, great video as always, can you tell me the name of the program that cost 99$ a month that you showed? I dont think it was very clear, thank you!!!

  5. some numbers more negative the better, some more positive the better. wish you would have a video on that.

  6. i think it is awesome information about how banks trade forex. I knew one banker who finished NYU for banking, and I can tell, your way in here, is bankers way. Bankers are conservative and always observe the risk. they do not have normally pump and dump things, but a risk analysis and direction and ratios and so on.

  7. Great vid, very informative and none of the usual b.s thats often "drilled into" new traders. Good job my man!

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