How To Read Price Action With Heikin-Ashi | Stock Trading With Heikin Ashi Candles


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  2. I liked the vid. Thank you. This was good info and I'll use it when trying to understand charts for longer term trades.

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  9. Thanks a lot. I'm not easy with H.A. I tried this method but not. I prefer use Renko with moving average. Or renko and ichimoku

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    Are you planing some forecast, analysis videos in the future?

  15. Very well-presented information. One of the best videos on HA candles I've seen. The HA candle "indicator" for MT4 is poorly coded – it drives you nuts when you try to change candle color and width. If you Google the issue, there's a link on fixing this in the MetaEditor. I did this for both for HA candles and the Smoothed HA Candle "indicator".

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  17. Really good video, never understood these ashi candles. Like the fact you spoke about price action. Thanks for the great content!

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