How to Trade the Ascending and Descending Triangle Chart Patterns


  1. The one on the right is a wedge, isn't it? For a triangle the point has to be about horizontal to the low or high point, or between them, otherwise, it becomes a wedge no?

  2. I came here for the ascending triangle which is good, but as a noob I needed that little bit extra time walking the descending triangle.

  3. Last year crude oil shows ascending triangle on daily….but fallen sharply more than30%… triangles works but there are always conditions apply

  4. Today i trade an ascending triangle expecting it will go up, but that shit explode down like never seen before 😓

  5. Good explanation but more examples would be nice.

    I also found the book

    Realistic Stock Trading Analysis: Ascending Triangles Explained Using
    Real Chart Examples

    to be very helpful too since it shows a bunch of scenarios with lots of
    charts that show what happens before the triangle forms and what happens during
    and after it forms. Its good practice for spotting and deciding on the pattern.

  6. Ok, I am new to this, so please add a grain of salt. I like buying the break-out. But, I REALLY like (for a long) a small or half position buy on the support with the smaller risk. The stop is like 3 cents below the support. It seems to have less risk than a full buy on the break-out and more reward. Am I thinking about this well?

  7. your drawing of a descending triangle is more of a wedge, there should be equal lows, similar to the equal highs of an ascending triangle

  8. I have seen a lot in fx markets that just aftet the breakout the price fallback and takes out all the stops then move higher again.

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