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I am looking for some ideas on how to approach finances to position myself and wife for retirement. Nothing anyone says will be construed as financial advice…I am just finding that accountants and financial advisers are limited and conservative in their offerings…at least the ones I come across.

So the gist is this:

Me 55, wife 48..both working part time and this can be the case for the next at least 5 years. Combined income about 100k. No remaining dependents. Good at frugality.

Super: about 100k each, both in industry funds. (Yes there are good but unfortunate reasons for such low super balances).

Realestate: PPR value(25 acres) value about 750k equity about 400k
Investment property1: value about 300k equity about 250k
Investment property2: value about 400k equity about 340k
Both IPs rented and cash flow positive with net income roughly offsetting loan on PPR
Cash available via redraw about 200k.

All properties in regional NE Vic with moderate prospects for capital gain.

Inherited bluechip shares: face value about 110k but no point selling due to CGT.
Dividend income about 5k pa

Trading plan: I plan to scale up my trading as I move more into semi retirement. I can do this both in my super and out of super. I will be trading ASX shares on weekly timeframe, Forex on weekly timeframe and futures intraday, probably Bund. I have not decided on capital allocation but the majority will be with the weekly systems, unless my intraday performance improves.

Again, NOTHING anyone puts in this thread will be taken as advice… I am not so naive as to implement anything I have not thoroughly looked into myself. I am just after some general ideas to think about and if of interest then look into more deeply in a way very specific to the details of our circumstances. I am happy to be a bit aggressive in approach.

Many thanks in advance…