1. Hello Leo! Rough day of trading today Friday but what a learning experience for me trying to shake out the rust and get back into trading and working my way into options! Being that I’m still new to trading options I believe your totally right in your prediction just by what I have been observing in market trading. CNBC has been beating a dead horse on the NFLX drop! But like you I believe your right but the it has push out a couple of days or so? Thanks for your hard work Big Daddy!

  2. Thanks, I am getting it. Would you make a video showing actual trading. I and maybe others learn not by being told what to do but by being shown? Watching the master!

  3. crushed it with AMZN puts today, currently we in a downtrend correction wait for a confirmation break of the DT line prior to going long, trade price action not signals. Every pop last 5 days was sold off into, only yesterday did we get a slight V recovery yet still closed within the DT line and now we are looking to close again under it. GLTA!

  4. I’m in robinhood so I can’t buy options that expire tomorrow. So is there any point to buy calls for next week because most options lose a good chunk of their value over the weekend?

  5. Hopefully tomorrow is looking like one of those special Fridays. Thanks for the video Leo always informative.

  6. Hey leo, I traded AMZN and bought a 2050 call at $3.30 (which was my entire account value) and didn’t sell at $17.50. It is now worth $0.21. I held because of your reply to my comment on a previous video saying it would push past 2100 by tomorrow. I’m not feeling the best but hope to get more trades like your AMZN call so I can get back on my feet and be the trader I know I can be!

  7. Id like to personally thank President Donald J Trump for saving my account today from total ruin on these Amazon calls. He wanted to buy at 1950, then sent it to the moon right at 2pm with that news release. HAHA i cant believe how much this market is manipulated. Geez.

  8. Lesson here guys is that its best to follow charts vs just blindly following a guru. No way Leo could have predicted that kind of drop.

  9. Please drop more trades like AMZN. I want to hit 6 to 7 figures second half of the year. Thanks Leo!

  10. Sorry LEO I HAD TOO SHORT $IBM for a day Trade….SORRY LEO !!!!! I Need Help. I loved this Video

  11. Nice to see that you posted an update, I'm sure many of your followers appreciate it after the last couple of rough days, good job Leo!

  12. On monday predicted a Move 5 but it is hard to distinguish it lol. But good call LEO! will be looking to make some great trades today and tmm

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