Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 7/18/2019 by


  1. People should be reminded that if SPY were not extremely bullish right now, this sector would be hitting black dirt breakdown levels. Remember when the overall market is not good, already beat up names get razed.

  2. Thanks for the update. Dan strip the bark off those boards they will last a lot longer, and the bugs will have less of a home

  3. Thank again for good infos as usually!

    Do you think you can cover NEPT, on the NASDAQ & TSX; major player in Canada extraction play.

    Reached 52W high today, with great daily / weakly uptrend chart

    Thank again and keep the good work!

  4. “It seems easy.. but that’s what life is like when riding the trend”. Lesson learned. Words to trade by. Thanks you

  5. Thanks for the hard work and knowledge as always! Loving the updates at the end of the vids

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  7. Good to have the Jedi Master BACK ! … I know only one day …. Butter missed nonetheless !

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