My Day Trading Success Step-By-Step


  1. I loved step one of the "Step by Step" aspect of the video where all you did was show how to sell an option when it's already in the green. Very helpful. Not at all misleading.

  2. Pretty much Ricky trades similar to this trade room I'm in…why do people always have to hate? Congrats dude. I'm trying to get to your level just so I can pay some bills and take a nice vacation. Blew up my account but paper trading now and not giving up.

  3. Sir which trading setup is better for get profits and which type of moving average is used

  4. Anyone else have no clue what he’s doing but watches in hopes that you’ll eventually catch on

  5. Hey everyone go check out Patrick Wieland vidoe on Ricky, you then know the true ricky…..

  6. So total newb question, could you have also used UGAZ instead of /NG to indicate a push up on DGAZ? Is there an advantage to using /NG?

  7. can you please tell what ema you use in intrading day trading. this thing you can tell because i am your subscriber.

  8. thanks ricky for the free advice. i started earning profit by learning the indicators you've taught. keep it up.

  9. Talk about selling early. I sold KO thinking it was going to max out around 52. It's climbed like a rocket. Still a win is a win.

  10. Ricky, thanks a lot again for showing to the world your knowledge ! I really love to offer you an illustration made by me as an artist. If you really want one, please let me know 😉

  11. Success in trade is achieved by making strategic gains and increasing risk when probability is in your favour. Samuel Childs has amazingly achieved much success for me with his trading expertise, I’m forever grateful.

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