Stock Market Technical Analysis 7-16-19


  1. Prre = sleeper stock, they have rental properties for marijuana growers. Including Illinois (legal sales start may 2020. Plants take a 2-5 months to flower)

  2. There was an upward wedge just like this going into earnings last quarter, and the upward trend kept going through the end of April until the big names reported, and then the market promptly dropped in May. Something similar could happen this time, but importantly, the fed meeting will also come at the end of earnings season and it will be more important this time.

  3. We had a hammer candle on Monday which could be a top, downside today is good, but we still need more impulsive selling

  4. Thanks for the TA. More low volume summer chop while HFTs sell their derivative lottery tickets amidst the earnings shit show. Earnings have been lackluster relative last year regardless of record-breaking buybacks with lowered guidance. IWM and IYT still lagging.

  5. Expecting double digit drop in QQQ? Very unlikely in near term… Randy, remove ur bearish bias and u will see things clearer..

  6. LOL
    I will gladly take 1/4% per day in my retirement accounts! That's 1.25% per week LMFAO
    This guy is so friggin bitter.

  7. FYI
    He puts too much emphasis on ETF volumes. Volume means much more in individual names.

  8. Bank earnings have been very strong. Still money to be made in select names. Killed it in ROKU, again. Also, been killing it in TSLA. U won't hear Randy talk about stocks lock CYBR which half of Twitter killed with weekly calls yesterday.

  9. Thank you Randy! I look forward to S&P 2900 and a VIX at around 25! It’s coming!

  10. The retail numbers are very good I am almost not adamant as I was about an incoming recession Q2 or Q3.

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