Trading for a Living Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management AUDIOBOOK


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  2. Thank you so much! I'm new but I can't believe how much I'm grasping. I think I found my calling. I like to gamble (I call it calculated risk). Because its not gambling if you know what you're doing & know how to play the game. The same concept applies here with more discipline & money management. Everything starts with your mental make up.

    I'm watching this video before I start my fundamental FOREX studies. As I do know the importance of the psychological side. I hope this audio book applies to FOREX as well. Again thanks & I've subscribed. I know you're a real one!

    It's 5:11 A.M. where im at. I've been listening to this the last 2 hours. I'm going to start living & breathing this stuff.

  3. There's solid information in this book no doubt, but like most books lacking in practical application…. I show the approach I use to successfully day and swing trade my own account with verified account statements. Context and Price Action based. High Probability setups. Small risk trades based upon my own theories of price movement. Also post various stock analysis and opportunities on Stocktwits.

  4. This book is the best. He has captured almost everything that you need to know. Audio doesn't have pictorial representation. Spend some time with the book and keep doing paper trading to boost your confidence…

  5. Chapter: Psychology 05:03
                     A)Commissions & Slippage
    Chapter: Mass Psych 31:18
    Chapter: Institutions 42:30
    Chapter: The Market Crowd and You 47:50
                     A) Plan Your Trade 51:13
    Chapter: Bulls vs Bears 53:59
    Chapter: Chart Analysis 1:0538
    Chapter: Efficient markets, random walk, nature's law 1:09:12
    Chapter: Support and Resistance 1:12:52
    Chapter: Trading Rules 1:20:15
    Chapter: Trendlines 1:35:02
    Chapter: Volume 1:43:38
    Chapter: Open interest 1:54:12
    Chapter: Time 2:01:00
    Chapter: Trading Systems 2:17:14
    Chapter: Channel Trading Systems 2:29:23
    Chapter: Risk Management 2:34:41
    Chapter: Setting Stops 2:51:40

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  7. Amazing video.
    Trading is very profitable when approached appropriately especially by a professional…

  8. Good tips… But, you need to have done the trading before understanding the real meaning of what is being said.

  9. Youtube listens to phone convos.
    Was just telling my buddy this.
    All the ta and fa in the world doesnt really matter.
    Its all about handling your emotions.

    I found myself watching tje charts all day. Losing.
    Until i was like "fuck this , imma set my entries ,stops and alerts for tp and not watch it after that.
    Sure enough, im hitting like 79% of my trades. Usually dont get stopped as i place my stops slightly below where i knw the mm's will try to shake u out.

    I went from mutual funds , stock, efts, reit's , forex ,now crypto.
    Crypto is the funnest.
    Get your mind right.
    Mf work while on vacay.
    This is the life!
    Set it and forget it.
    Btc will fall to around 6800/6400.
    I would buy some if i were you guys……..

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