Trading Like a Tyrannosaurus Rex! +$3,700 | Ross' Trade Recap


  1. Hi Ross I need to purchase ur scanners settings and I tried but couldn’t find it anywhere?

  2. Momentum Scalp Trading in the Summer is difficult. But Ross is a Warrior! Most traders at his level take off the summer and still make enough for the year with the busy months . But shows you ,that you never know when the next “to the moon “ stock comes along . One great trade can make your week..Ross is so fast and skilled, he makes it look easy , but it takes years of practice and training.
    But what career that you can make a lot of money in doesn’t take time to train and practice and learn?

  3. Hi Ross, were you getting in at the pullback or the first candle to make the new high?

  4. Hi Ross, was in the chat room when you landed that trade. Nicely done. Learning a lot-especially how thorough your course is. It's starting to click for me. Did you have a huge learning curve in seeing the patterns when you first started in this business or was it easy for you to grasp? Thx Ross

  5. Great job today! its still frustrating with this type of market , haven't seen a gap and go set up in a while

  6. Dang ross nice! I unfortunately gave back the profits i made last month, in this months trading … not to happy about that. Trying to get back in the saddle.

  7. Shorted $JNCE this morning and hit my daily goal 🙂. For whatever reason in this current market parabolic gap ups almost always go straight down at the bell, or go down after one little spike. Been pretty reliable for me!

  8. Awesome congrats Ross! I traded the same ticker and lost money ($130), but excited I found the same stock and I feel like I'm on the right track, just hesitated in entering before that rip up to 2.66. My main challenge right now is I'm hesitating when I see a good pullback and it ripping without me then getting in too late chasing. Gonna stop trading real money for the week but will keep tuning in. My goal is to join your chat room once I prove to myself I can be consistently profitable using your strategy. I know I can be quick just need to get my timing down and trust myself and pull the trigger in those key clutch moments when the window of opportunity presents itself. I read your book and really appreciate you giving out so much free content! Good luck keeping those green days coming!

  9. Am I the only one who think that Mr.Cameron look like Adam Savage from "Mythbusters"?😀

  10. When you anticipate a break over resistance or flag pattern, do you look at the time and sales more than the level 2 so see if a lot of buys are coming in?

  11. Went in the hole with JNCE. Climbed out with DMPI. Wish I was more aggressive but I'm using smaller size due to the market lately. Hopefully momentum picks up so I can start using larger size!

  12. Consistent as always. Working myself consistently every day and practicing my trading to make consistent results.

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