Weekly Forex Forecast: July 22 – 26 2019


  1. I would love to see more fundamental and economic analysis tutorials if it fits your content plan. I'd love your take on certain economic or monetary events in relation to the markets. Always come back for your fundamental events overview and your explanation on the potential impacts on the markets. Recently started learning about the geopolitical and fundamental events. Definitely will observe the ECB events this week and PMI number for the Eurozone.

  2. Venus … Thank you for the Good job you have been doing, your weekly and daily analysis have been very helpful.. keep it up.. you are a real blessing to the trading world

    … Pls could you make a little video on how you draw your resistance and support lines in your daily and weekly chart?? its really cool but I just dont know how to do it.. Pls help me ..

  3. Wow these vids are really helpful I been demoing for a while and gonna place a couple demo trades Monday to see if my analysis is correct 🙏

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