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  1. Hello lovely audience.

    Today I share my euro dollar forecast beginning August 12 2019.

    Watch the video to see the levels.

    This information is for educational and general information purposes only, and does not constitute advice or recommendation to buy or sell any financial asset.


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    Let's do it.

    As you can see, I am still trading for fifth consecutive weeks forecast July 15 2019, which is still active.

    At the beginning of this week, I found a trend change while price was in the extremely oversold zone. I forecasted that price may go up to my take profit zone supported by two factors: the rate cut and the bad non farm payroll numbers.

    Now see what happened. Price went directly to my take profit zone, and stayed there consolidating till the end of the week.

    For next week, I see that the pair is not overbought, and has the potential to continue going up to my consolidation zone. Once it is reached, I will see if price is overbought.

    Hope you enjoyed this forecast and trade safe. Make your own research and take your own decisions.

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    See you on next video.

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