Best Trading Opportunities (August 2019) Price Action Analysis


  1. There are few men who are expert in trading i count Denis law as one because of his unique trading strategy

  2. please do analysis on nifty and banknifty 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  3. Mate, you are amazing! The work you are doing is exceptional and deserves a round of applause! I am a newbie to trading and still going through your beginner's playlist. Your teaching style is engaging, and you put your heart into every video! Very soon you'll be the leading YouTuber on stock and forex trading. Continue with your fantastic work and wish you the best of luck. The stuff you share with us is worth thousands of dollars, other traders will charge us a leg and an arm for the information you provide for free. I hope you always stick to this ideology and earn lifelong fans/learners rather than seasonal. I wouldn't mind paying a recurring monthly, quarterly or yearly payment for exclusive content (just a thought).

  4. Hello! I was curious if your course goes through detailed training on back testing? Thank you for your videos!

  5. Hey RT, thank you for taking the time to share your ideas with us! i do have a question regarding your trades ….
    So, for the SPY and XAU, … have you taken these trades to hedge, against each other, or was it two independently taken, trades?
    Have a good, day! see you in the next video!

  6. Thank you for your time and effort putting all these tremendously valuable videos up. Love from China.

  7. Hey rayner, do you incorporate any form of fundamental analysis into your trades or purely based of the technicals?

  8. ask for your opinion on indicators, AutoUfos in tradingview, what strategies are used by the makers of the incator?

  9. Hello, what trading Indicator or group of indicators do you use…pls help a brother out. Thanks

  10. Thanks Rayner that you spend you r time and publish technical analysis for free for us! It's just great to have a mentor like you and we very appreciate that!
    Thanks thanks my friend!

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