Bitcoin All's Quiet.. Too Quiet.. August 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis


  1. I don’t understand how thousands of people watch these amazing free content videos daily and they can’t take the time to hit the like button. I know Krown doesn’t ask for you to hit the like button….. But Got Damn! Show some fucking appreciation and give the man a like! Thank you Krown for your time man!

  2. 17:05 So were you bullish in 2018 on the bull trap around $11,500? Even Tone Vays got caught in that bull trap, then he was the biggest bear for the rest of 2018 though.

  3. Love the videos Krown. Can you please share your opinion about Bitpanda for the European traders?

  4. That weekly pivot hasnt closed above imo, the big bearish wick and no big upwards breakout volume speak for themselves. Most likely it was a rejection, again

  5. Sorry i missed your stream yesterday, bro!

    Not sure what is more bullish, Bitcoin or Krown's camera definition!? πŸ™‚

  6. amigo loved the attention to detail tonight getting into the deep of the green and red dildos!! Like you do in the TA program !!! respect

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