Bitcoin.. And Now We Wait.. August 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis


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  5. We need to bounce here (10.2k), or else the whole bull run and all fundamentals that supported previous bull runs can be thrown out of the window. Then we're essentially kinda blind for the longer term.

  6. You are right, you opinions are shit, I mean, one thing very very important that I learned from you is exactly this, opinions in trading are shit, I think, I feel, my opinion all bullshit (on this case totaly bullshit at the moment…hahahaaha) thanks man, repeat it more if you realy wanna people learn, in my opinion, the most imporant thing in trading!!!!Thanks realy.

  7. But …… golden crosses on the 4hrs give many false signals !!!! How do you reckon this one is right?

  8. Krown.. thank you so much.. I am 46 and I never learnt so many things about trading before… you saved me in a lot of occasions and I am starting to apply the right techniques on my tradings.. thanks a lot!

  9. WOW you've been talking about the 200 SMA forever and you were spot on – just whacked the hell out of it!!!

  10. pompliano’ing that shit with this dip…50% of net worth in. Jk…but seriously. Is there any other asset that has such a high percentage of just 2xing in less than a year. Let’s be real, Bitcoin won’t be valued less come next April.

  11. I'm starting to just skip to the last 2 minutes of the videos that aren't livestreams, the rest is kind of a waste of time IMO

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