Bitcoin SAVAGE Send Off! August 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis


  1. I just finished your trading psychology series. Fantastic work there, but you may need to watch your own videos. Acknowledge your faults, but remember… There's always more trades. You're a fantastic trader and have helped my growth immensely and ruined every time I watch any other trader on youtube lol

  2. that trade definitely didnt work out according to plan good thing for stop losses i guess i didnt loose too much what would be the next big play dude ?

  3. Oh! So we are getting the back view now.. where the heck are you? what's up with those crazy LED display on the walls? And how do you have these wicked computer systems wherever you are sitting in Estonia, Helsinki and Chicago? You carry that big system everywhere?

  4. Damm bro ! you actually use a compressor ;p ???? try putting one on the master audio output ! and use some soft compression. I think you need a little less compression on your voice it just needs to take out the peaks i have a feeling now its compressing all the time even with normal speaking volume. ANYWAYYY KEEP EM UP KROWN

  5. Friendly reminder: this is the section for the nice comments the field to leave your mean comment is on supomans page ☝️♥️

  6. Finally the second camera working, that's awesome, super content also, as always, though you forgot to show us your deribit positions, especially with this wild moves of btc 👍👌👍👌💕

  7. Yup, I lost about €450 on this unexpected downside (more so because my alerts didn't go off!).. Still, always will be more trades, that's the way to look at it.

  8. When I see how wrong can be people.s opinion, feeling about price, people who realy know about trading, who realy know a lot about all of this business more ana more I remember, in my opinion one of the most important maxim wich Krown repeat all the time, dont trade your feeling, your opinion becouse a lot of times they are shit. Realy, after I understood it realy good i trade so tranquil that doesnt matter moves like the last one…So thanks again man, thanks.

  9. Wow dropping like a stone from days and days..SHITCOIN ALERT ! its those fucking miners who are constantly suppressing and dumping prices on retailers head ! Shitcoin alert ! Shitcoin alert!

  10. Nobody is perfect. You have been correct enough that i have, & will continue sticking around!

  11. Yes, we sell half our Bitcoin and buy USLV UGLD, I also got some TMF, the remaining Bitcoin I moved into Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash because when the rally returns, the alt coins rise faster than Bitcoin, then once they do rise, you can sell them and buy more Bitcoin than what you originally held even at a much lower entry point. I didn't turn off my miners either because this is just a temporary dip due to the currency war. Bitcoins are at all time highs in countries with currency inflation such as Argentina and Venezuela, even China had a small amount of inflation recently. The dollar is extremely strong, so if you are going to switch over to a new asset and you are located in the USA then it only makes sense to buy those assets now using your Bitcoins while both your Bitcoin and your dollar are high.

  12. Thank you Krown. Your videos are making a huge difference to my approach to trading. Really inspirational.

  13. can we have a moment of silence for the bloke that wanted a moment of silence for the capitulation circle man? 6:28 coinigy is what shitcoin traders used in pre-2018 as it has the data feeds of obscure dog shit garbage coins. So if you watch another analyst and he brings up his TA in coinigy, run the other way, he is still hoping for his shitcoin bags to pump and living in a cloud….

  14. Krown, i think maybe youtube and crypto channels may have created a sort of new psychology, new way of ta, especially from major market movers, guaging market sentiment and peoples general thoughts based on "crypto cavers" with significant amounts of followers you know?

  15. Hi Team. Just letting you guys know i got rekt on Bitmex because i am degenerate. I was buying from 11300 down to 10100, I had a wide stop loss as i was "conifdent". BTC like a dripping tap is bleeding by something or someone big!!! Its crazy. It's not respecting any levels at all! Anyway, moral of the story is the second you think you could be a "successful trader" think again then learn and practice some more. More learning to trade "with" BTC based on confirmations is my priority, as trying to predict it has ended badly. I hope this helps someone. Cheers Krown. A good lesson for us all in this move i think. current price when typing 9740

  16. Krown so looking back at the 2017 bull market though, on a daily, Bitcoin has come down to or around the purple 200ema and bounce massively, even if we close below the the 100ema

  17. Another great video thanks big fella. You and Tone Vays have polar different styles but are both light years ahead of other analysts

  18. I think this is the first time I haven't freaked out over price action. TA has finally calmed me down.

  19. Thank you for the vid. Don't worry if people follow you blindly. They might get rekt once but be successful most of the time. Hope nobody does that though. Myself I was short because It was king of a double top on the weekly close. Grateful for your vid and all the work you put into them.

  20. I like the combination of daily dildo close videos and twitch stream with some good questions from viewers.

  21. Krown, go out and buy an old school egg timer…wind it up…put it near the window…pull the knob off of it….attach the gopro to the stump…and voila. You have yourself a nice sloooow panning "out the window" cam, and let us experience that lovely view rather than the back of your head :))

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