Day Trading in a Red Market -$2,959 | Ross' Trade Recap


  1. Hi, I enjoyed watching your videos, I am beginner trader but I trade forex but some of your tutorial I am using is good for me specially handling losses, but Still right now I am now consistently profitably maybe I need to practice more

  2. Ross, I don’t believe in one method in a constantly changing market. Like saying a dog to stay in one spot without waving its tail.

    Don’t know how true all these seminars, webinar, videos and chat room trying to catch a volatility. One thing to be appreciated out of all this is your guts to show when it’s negative as it’s negative, unless it’s made up.

    Do you have family, life outside of trading ? Like go out not to worry about this cat and mouse game. Chill with friends and relatives?

  3. everything will be okay, you doing the great job, i dont know why here only 5k views((
    you will get it back 100percent

  4. Maybe you are loosing because the people of your chatroom are in vacations so you get less follow through?

  5. Lol what have you been trading? I haven't had a red day yet? Have you been doing vary HIGH volume stocks?

  6. Keep your head up soldier, do you just trade stocks or do you trade markets as well ? Thank you champ

  7. Ross, How is the recession going to affect the gap and go strategy based on your experience? thx

  8. You are Addicted to Trading, forcing to trade even when the Market is crashing 800 points wow!!! Take a rest man

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