How to PROFIT with Market Structure Trading (it's easier than you think) – Forex Market Structure


  1. Thank you Kenya, Brian and your team, you guys are the BEST. I got involved in trading +/- 9 months ago and as usual I had no clue about what it real is and all that, I blew a lot of trading accounts because of the obvious es but after I tested your strategy I saw for the first time a potential of really making money.
    Thank you very, very much.
    God bless in Jesus's name!!!

  2. Kenya thank you again for all the invaluable information you provide to us. The video is very helpful and understanding Forex is getting easier for me.

  3. KENYA YOU ROCK! Girl you are the I am your cheerleader. The way you package such valuable information is just on point. I am so thankful to have found this channel. Ive spent alot of time with your videos. Thank you so much for your TIME and sharing your WISDOM. The fear in my belly has turned into FIRE!!!!!! YOU ROCK! Discipline, consistency, journaling, affirmations–you try to prepare us for the journey all off the back of your own blood sweat and tears!

  4. Hi Kenya, I find your docs on telegram that you recommended, because the same title appears on different months…and because I see it is the same size, are those the same documents. And could you please tell me what is number of pips that you can mainly count on trade, when we do your strategy what is your recomendation that we who did not master kiss strategy as you how much pips to set up for tp and sl and ehat number of pips to set up for tp and sl in breakouts.
    And while I was watching I was asking myself how you draw support and resistence and how many lines….do you do down only supports, up only resistence or you draw every support and resistence and at the end of the video you said in next video I will explain support and resistence, I can wait…amd pleaseee explain detailed as you always do☺️…and could you please in the same video do one trade from begining to the end which timeframe u start and draw trend line, s/r…where u bye or sell. And you are awesome teacher and great person for sharing with us your strategy and knowledge, thank you. Wish you all the best. Thank you.

  5. Thank you very much for this videoas it was very informative and you gave some really good examples of what true market structure is…I heard the term before but was not really sure but you made it crystal clear and now I feel as though I can go to my charts and trade a lot better… Thanks again for such a great video

  6. first off congrats on 10k subscribers (whoop whoop)…. and as always, premium content from my forex mentor!!… Stay blessed always…

  7. Kenya thanks for this awesome video. I am a new learner of IML forex trading so this simplified things tremendously for me, so I appreicate that. I actually try to follow along on trading view on my chart as you are drawing lines on your chart. However, I am still not clear on entry?? You said the best place to enter is on a correction or pullback, if the correction does not touch the trendline, would your entry be on the trendline or at the bottom of the pull back? I hope this question makes sense. Again thanks for your videos, I'm learning and looking forward to more videos!!

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