How You Can Make Money Trading Ichimoku


  1. I'm a bit confused….does the membership at FX at one Glance provides signals or just educational material, the site says trade alerts…but support says you don't send signals. Please can you clarify. Thank You.

  2. For the long legged doji, you do not know until the market closes that day [though Forex is a 24 hour market] so wouldn't you actually be placing your trade the following day?

  3. Thank you so much for you dedication to teach us and take me under you wings. I will GRATEFUL for ever. MGB you always

  4. Definitely a fan of your channel Kiana Danial and you were the only Ichimoku traders that I knew of on YouTube. I've been trading it for 5yrs a lot of trial and error and recognizing patterns. Your videos have definitely helped polish my Ichimoku analysis and I will always support your channel for that.

  5. I am a 2 year member of the
    and watch every youtube video as well as all the private ones on the website and the weekly webinars. The information and instruction provided by ChaosTrader63 has given me the knowledge and understanding to be consistently profitable. I see there are 29K subscribers to the youtube channel. If you are a subscriber BUT not a member at
    you need to think really hard about why you haven't joined this website. It will take your trading skills to another place.

  6. I was waiting for my next payday on the 15th so I can purchase your limited offer of $ 250-lifetime membership but when I checked your website, it is gone. Sad.

  7. you had said its a 1,000 dollor account what lot size did you use to get that 100 plus profit ? thanks

  8. I’ve been a member of Carl’s secret society since a year, and for that time, I become a profitable trader. This is the best teacher that you have found if you want to become a competent, full time, forex trader. Thank you, Carl, with all my heart!!!

  9. Sensei is one of the best in this business! Take the time and effort to learn, otherwise you might end up with a cardboard under a bridge if you take this lightly. It takes effort and time to build your craft, do not take it lightly! Carl, thanks so much for doing this, for giving back to society. God bless!

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  11. Great teaching video! Thank you so much Sensei for your teaching! A lot of positive pips from the multiple set ups we got from your live webinar this week! Very grateful to have learned so much from your teaching!

  12. I have watched all of your videos multiple times. You give a ton of value here for free. Appreciated.

  13. Hey I want to take the time to write rhis short comments
    Thanks so much for every thing you do
    I have some of my soldiers watching your videos because they want to learn
    First name I always go to is you CARL
    Again thanks ooo by the way I'm doing great in my demo really close to star live
    Incredible another great trader with few subs
    People have no clue who to really look for
    Thanks for me I figure it out
    Enjoy the weekend

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