LIVE Bitcoin Goldman Sachs BULLISH?! August 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis


  1. Hey Krown. Always miss your live streams but up at 6am nz time to watch it each day. Love your content but any chance you could please look at SARUSD on your next stream. Saudi Riyal.. curious to know your thoughts. Hope you get to read this comment. Cheers and thanks for all the great content

  2. How likely is XBTUSD to reach below 10k? By the way, thanks so much for your information and knowledge!

  3. Great content and enjoying your brand of lingo.
    Heres hoping for girthy up action. Like a horses' cock upon grazing in a field of viagra. 😀
    Good work!

  4. I've also been ditching coffee recently, it's generally a good thing long term. I've enjoyed the slightly slower pace, still quick af though, love the girthy commentary.

  5. Thanks bro I have been waiting for the 200 ema on the 4hour since the 11th of August I have got my order filled and now let see
    This market is emptying peoples pockets!!!!

  6. Спаcибо зa видоc!! Очeнь инфоpмативно и самoe главнoe полeзнo,, гoдный видeо-кoнтeнт дeлаeте!!

  7. SUp krown your badass bro helped me out a lot couldn't watch your stream today but if u look at this comment u think btc could over shoot support to like 10400 then reverse from there?

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