Stock Market Technical Analysis 8-13-19


  1. a lot of drawing and guessing, I am bullish and that is also guessing for NQ target 93xx, ES 33xx no change for 2020 maybe as late as March

  2. The market isn't going to have any meaningful correction until this guy turns bullish. I've been mostly cash all year waiting for this big correction and dying for a good buying opp., I'm about to say screw it and go long from here!

  3. Randy you have to remember computers don’t have common sense! This should have been crashed with this endless cycle.

  4. Thanks Randy, I don't remember another time where the markets have been so schizophrenic. All we gotta do is look at the bond market to see that something is amiss.

  5. Overall, the QQQ looks like a huge inverted curvy pattern on the top. Looks like a lot of distribution

  6. I have no doubt trump and fed can keep this market up. And he is doing this smartly, whenever the market is about to skyrocket, trump would drop a tweet bomb to cool the market so that we keep making marginal new highs to 2020 without brewing a bubble

  7. I'll tell ya Randy, you are the best by far the only true savant I've seen regarding trading. In fact, no one even comes close to your awareness of how to deal with these markets. Furthermore even though you voice a disclaimer (as do all public market analysis providers do) you aren't afraid to share your opinion of asset direction; and with great accuracy I might add. You publish nothing but detailed, informative, common sense presentations. Also with a modest demeanor your videos are the most insightful of all I've viewed over 3 decades of trading; they are always very instructive. Moreover your uncanny awareness of how to deal with these markets logically , and objectively is unprecedented. Not only are your signals, accurate, and sensible, but your ability to rationally relay that information is nothing short of epic.

  8. Love the complaints about Trump making the market go up today. Who started this big leg down two weeks ago? Oh right, Trump tweeting about the new tariffs. Didn’t hear Randy complaining that day. πŸ€”

  9. Back to the ATH within two weeks (absent more negative news). Agreed completely with you yesterday and disagree completely today. The reason for the selloff was the Trump tariff threats and other escalation fears. That is now gone (at least in the short term), so we are more likely to rally than take another leg down. Wish you would put more weight on fundamentals Randy. Still a dedicated viewer and will continue to be however.

  10. You're obviously bear biased. I can only see higher lows. That divergence has already played out. Divergence doesn't mean a complete reversal.

  11. Trump is no longer a businessman, but a politician, what does that mean, nothing but lies, wants to win re-election, next month 50bp cut to help market next month, depending how bad recession is next year, Trump my not run

  12. This is an obvious abc pattern. Market not done going up. Why does Randy remain bullish after so many green candles

  13. Watch this video then watch what this fraud was saying yesterday. Keep getting destroyed on your bearish positions, Scamdy Finning.

  14. Randy you need to consider Trump constantly, he doesn't want the market go down before election he wants to keep the ugly bubble keep going. He may be watch the charts too, any time the market go down he surrender to China.

  15. @Right Side of the Chart
    – I enjoy watching your vids and am now considering joining your website. Does the Silver/Gold membership accept non-Americans for the monthly subscription?

  16. you know why Trump said this time is different? becasue China may be trade for U.S. leave HongKong protesters. upon the the time of arrangement, it could be some differences you may wanna know.

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