Stock Market Technical Analysis 8-5-19


  1. Looking for Bullish Hidden Divergence on monthly to buy next leg up. Keep eye on volume and indicator you trust most. Mine is CCI 14 . Fundamentals point to profit taking , before new positioning on fed direction

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  3. this is my fav channel to followup with stock market i wish i had more info and access to your knowledge

  4. Hello Randy. I have been following you for a few months now and you have done awesome jobs on these videos – I watch them every night and thank you for everything.

    There is something I don't quite get when you put in a weekly or monthly chart like today when you did for QQQ, SPY, etc. and drew a long-term trendline for the charts. My long-term trendline price levels are no way near where yours are even though I put the touch relatively exactly where you place yours. For instance, QQQ, I placed the uptrend in 3/2009 and 8/2015 at the low just like yours, and my current support price for the uptrend as of today is around $124 when yours is around $180.

    I looked and looked and there is only one difference I can pinpoint – the scale on your chart vs. the scale on mine. On my charts, the price scale on the right hand side are increment evenly (i.e. 20, 40, 60…180, 200, 220) whereas yours varies (10, 12, 14….18.20, 25, 30, …45, 50, 60, …, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 250). Can you shine some lights on this particular topic? I am relatively new to the market and certainly do not want to make a profound mistake simply because of the scale and space on my charts are wrong. Thank you.

  5. Ha ha… people aren't kicking the tires on your analysis now, are they Randy? You're solid man I'm thinking about buying into your service.

  6. I was short on day trades as the market went all the way up until 2940 where above that point I could not identify any objective resistance levels by volume. I went both long and short scalping the market until 3019 where I became short again. Unfortunately, I was trying to time market too much, I shorted the market at 3010 and covered for a few points, and then missed my re-short entry when news broke on the tariffs. Lesson learned: need to position the my trades earlier for the big ones, because the exact timing of a big sell-off will come when you least expect it to.

  7. All this happened from president morons tweet none of this shit matters he can tweet everything is fine and markets will go up it's a sick rigged game

  8. not holding tomorrow…the jokers on CNBC have non-stop preached tonight about the futures. Media has to create the "PANIC" in order for the reverse to get in…so very likely to see another 700/250 point FLUSHING so everyone gets even more panic then suddenly everyone thinks Lamborghini's just went on sale for prices of Yugo…with only a 5 to 10% correction. Then in a couple days TRUMP gets to "TWEETING" more on the market and tell everyone….this time for sure CHINA is going to make a deal…that will give you some "bouncing".

  9. Great stuff Randy!! Long term view is key. I was listening to the "experts" talking about melt up in July. What melt when you manage to move up 2,5% for a month. It ends as always one session and all growth was erased. I was just waiting for this wedge to end. Short from 3006.

  10. Thank you Randy for these awesome videos. I follow several stock traders on YouTube, but you are by far my favorite. I feel like I am learning through osmosis. I purchased some SPXU on 8/1 in a Roth IRA account, and am sitting pretty. Thanks again.

  11. For few comments below. There were no Randy haters but were critics and were right about Randy's stubbornness for 8 weeks. They were absolutely right. We rode 8 weeks of upside and riding to the downside. Why you have to have just one sided bias and waste time money?

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